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In efforts to ensure the security and safety of our citizens, the Lamar Police Department alongside our honorable mayor have created and put in to action a neighborhood watch program.

For all suspicious activity or criminal activity in the Town, everyone is encouraged to use our Anonymous Tip Line.  Callers are not required to leave their name or address.  For all crimes in progress, please call 911.  To speak with someone at the Police Department, please call 843-326-5555.


At the September 2021 Neighborhood Watch meeting, the new open-carry gun laws were discussed.

For questions and more information about concealed weapons classes, we have provided a local contact.

As always, you may reach out to Chief Scott to help answer questions about SC laws.

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Burn Permit information: 800-986-3742


Lamar Police Department will present the launch of the Lamar Neighborhood Watch, taking place at Lamar United Methodist Church (103 N. Darlington Ave., Lamar SC 29069) on October 1st, 2020 at 6pm.

 “The Lamar Neighborhood Watch is a partnership between the department and the residents, business owners, and faith community of Lamar.  Our goal is to unify our community, decrease crime, and improve the standard of living for all who live, worship, conduct business or visit our town.” says Lamar Police Chief Carl Scott.

 “While the prevention of crime is a large part of what we are about, our intention is for this to not just be a “crime watch program”, but a platform to encourage neighbors to get to know each other as individuals, reach out to each other, and work together whenever another is in need.”

 Future plans for the program include the placement of neighborhood watch signs, “tip boxes” for anonymous reporting of suspicious or potential criminal activity, participation in “National Night Out” activities, and education and safety presentations.

For more information, contact Chief Scott at Lamar Police Department at 843-326-5555, or the Lamar Neighborhood Watch at

lamar neighborhood watch

IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING!lamar neighborhood watch

In order to implement this program, zones within our town were created and voluntary captains for each zone were established.
Captains, in coordination with the law enforcement team, have put in to action adequate watch schedules and have released contact information so that citizens may report non-emergency events and for reporting concerns.  The official kick-off date of the Lamar Neighborhood Watch program is October 1, 2020.

NOTE: All emergencies must still be reported by calling 911.  The Captains should be contacted for non-emergency events.  In the future, a neighborhood watch phone line will be established for making anonymous tips and to report concerning activity in the Town.

The map (see below) indicates the 4 zones for the Town of Lamar with Captains names and email addresses.

Zone Captains and law enforcement will meet regularly to discuss happenings of the town and report to Town Council.  For all citizens to remain vigilant, tips from the team and Chief Scott will be available on our website and in our newsletter.  Concerns reported and important information for citizens will also be shared, as it becomes available.

Lamar Neighborhood Watch

Click HERE to download a printable zone map.