Crime Stops Now in the Town of Lamar

To arrest and convict criminals who are operating in and around the Lamar Community, several strategies are being implemented to include the following:

  • Establishment of Neighborhood Watch Program and  dedicated phone line for anonymous tips
  • Create a fund to provide financial support to purchase strategically placed surveillance cameras and other safety focused equipment
  • Increase engagement of the local Ministerial Alliance in promoting Christian values through rallies, sermons, presence
  • Host leadership and empowerment skills development in youth and adults who want to combat crime and violence, renew our push for much needed parks, alternative recreational facilities and other basic infrastructure needs/programs which send a message our youth they are valued
  • Create positive messages through social media outlets modeled after the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Adopt the Peace Tribe Concept
  • Engage members of the Law Enforcement Network
  • Identify laws and codes which need to be addressed on local, state and national levels, and openly discuss and identify the problems and issues which plague our community and those surrounding us with the goal of finding a solution.

If you want to join in to share ideas, move these ideas forward, pray with, or donate funds, please contact the Lamar Chief of Police, Carl Scott at or call 843-639-3900.